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4 Tips for Travelling With Pets in Tow

Tips for vacationing with your animals in tow.But most don’t allow guests to leave animals unattended, and some accept only dogs of a certain size. Call ahead to learn about your hotel’s policies.

Focus on Pup-Friendly Destinations

Many cities are starting to cater to ­animal-loving tourists. Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary have off-leash parks and pet hotels, and Saskatoon offers a handful of doggy spas. Pet-friendly hotels are a great alternative when Mom and Dad refuse to host your rambunctious beasts.

Prepare for Takeoff

Taking an animal through airport security can be onerous, so give yourself a minimum extra 30 minutes, and make sure you have all your pets’ documents in hand. This typically includes proof of an up-to-date rabies vaccination and, occasionally, a clean bill of health from your vet. Check with your airline and the relevant border services agency about their requirements.

Hit the Road

Many airlines, including WestJet, won’t accept pets in the cargo hold between May and November to hot destinations like the southern United States and Mexico, and flying can be stressful for animals. Summer road trips are a great way to travel with them instead. But be aware: creatures left alone in the car-for even 10 minutes-can suffer heatstroke.

Put Safety and Comfort First

Whether travelling by plane, train or automobile, pets should be secured in a carrier. Make sure Fido has enough room in his crate to stand up and move around. All carriers should include a waterproof bottom and liner in case of accidents.