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Can You Run Android on an iPad?

By default, iPads run Apple’s iOS operating system, which is a different software platform from Google’s own Android operating system, and apps specifically written to run in Android do not work on iOS. Tech enthusiasts have experimented with ways to erase the iOS system from Apple’s hardware and manually install a version of Android themselves (and shared the knowledge around the web), ...

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4 Smart Gadgets that will Help Your Kids Improve at Sports

If you’ve ever felt bad that you can’t help your kids practice their favorite sports, you’re not alone. Once budding athletes master the basics of their sport, it’s tough to provide guidance if you never played that sport yourself. However, you can stop feeling unhelpful when your kids are practicing sports at home thanks to the invention of smart tech. ...

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How to Stop Your Devices from Listening to (and Saving) what You Say

Yes, voice technology is amazing. You can ask your phone a question. You can talk to your speaker system and even book an Uber. With the right setup, you can verbally lock the doors in your house, dim the lights, and change the thermostat. All across America, people are embracing their oral fixation. Virtual assistants are handy, but they’re always ...

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Google’s Parental Control App is Available for Download in the US

Google’s parental control app for Android devices “Family Link” has completed the beta testing period and is now available to public to download for free in the US. The app, which lets parents manage apps, set screen time limits and more, can be used from either an iOS or Android device, but is designed specifically to manage a child’s Android device, TechCrunch reported late ...

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