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So You Need To Buy Some Stuff For Your Dog

So you’re in the market to buy some dog stuff. Maybe you’re a new dog owner, or maybe you’re a longtime dog owner who’s sick of your dog’s crumbling old possessions. Either way, here’s a guide to shopping for some new supplies for your dog.

Car Carriers

Car carriers can help keep your dog safer, as well as more comfortable, while traveling in the car. You’re looking for both function and comfort in a carrier.

This isn’t exactly a carrier, but it looks incredible, so I felt obligated to include it. The Backseat Barker is a large, orthopedic, shock-absorbing bed for big dogs. Put it in the back of your SUV and let your dogs enjoy the ride.


I probably don’t have to explain why a leash is important, but here goes: It’s the best way to keep your dog safe on walks, and it’s a legal requirement in most places. When shopping for a leash, you’re primarily looking for durability and comfort.

This is a great option for a standard leash — it’s durable, comes in different lengths and colors, and most importantly, has a padded handle. Do not settle for less than a padded handle!


A collar is another dog safety essential. It’s your first line of defense should your dog get lost. When choosing a collar, look for one that is comfortable for your dog, durable, and whose visual aesthetic you like.

This is a great basic collar. Rated super highly by Amazon users, it comes in eight different colors and has an easy-release buckle. These collars are also available in cute patterns.

My dog has a Mimi Green collar, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. They’re durable and gorgeous, and the reflective ones help keep your dog safe on night walks. If you can, splurge on the engraved buckle. They’ll engrave your dog’s information onto the collar’s buckle, eliminating the need for tags, which a) jingle annoyingly and b) can get lost or chewed up.